Colonialism and Scouts? Within the Scouts Movement we are very proud regarding our values as equity, international friendships and equal rights. We loudly speak out against ideologies of discrimination which support colonialist and racist practices. But what’s about our past? Regarding the biography of our founder Baden-Powell and other important figures, and in the context of the Black Lives Matter movement, it’s also about us, to take a closer look towards our past. How are the beginnings of Scouting connected to colonial activities and how do those influence our current activities and self-understanding? A small group within the German BdP decided to take first steps tackling this difficult topic. We are curious to learn if and how other member organisations are working on this topic. We would like to invite those who work on it, or are interested to start, for a small meetup online. We will take the chance to present which steps we took and hope for an interesting exchange.

Link for joining the session: